NEWS : Paratransit Update

NEWS : Paratransit Update
November 18, 2021 Bob Cassinelli

Paratransit Update

Affiliate leases and monthly leases

Drivers of ALL color scheme/affiliate leases and monthly leases, please DO NOT turn in any paratransit receipts dated 12/1/2021 12:00 AM and after unless they are manual IVR slips.  Come to accounting twice a month for a printout of all paratransit transactions on the 16th (for 1st thru 15th transactions) and 1st (for 16th thru 31st transactions), or once a month (for 1st-31st transactions) so that you can be credited properly.  One copy should go to the window and one copy will be e-mailed to/printed for you for your record.  

Gas and gate and weekly drivers

Please continue to follow the current procedure and turn your paratransit receipts in. 

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